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We are proud to offer some of the best 100% CBD oils for sleep support. Our products at Cannovia are carefully crafted to provide you with an uplifting experience and ensure you get optimal results when it comes to improving your overall wellness. What's on the label is what's in the bottle!

All About CBD as a Sleep Aid

While there are many different over-the-counter sleep aids available, people are choosing to turn to CBD, wanting the same effects but with a more natural solution. The unique compound has a vast number of health-supporting benefits that we’re only just now beginning to dive deep into. With this, many find that it is an incredible, all-natural resource that helps in various ways. But, how is this possible, and how do you use CBD oil for sleep to overcome sleep challenges?

Don’t worry! Cannovia is here to answer all of those questions and more. Today, we’re talking all about CBD, CBN, cannabis plants, their effect as a sleep aid, and the potential cannabinoids have to support natural wellness and vitality.

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What is it, and What Does it Do?

Before discussing how you can use CBD oil to get a better night’s rest, let’s talk about CBD in general. CBD is a Cannabis Sativa constituent that’s still relatively new to the market, and it’s essential to get all the facts straight about this plant-derived cannabinoid.

Defining CBD

CBD is the condensed version of the word “cannabidiol.” Cannabidiol is one of the cannabis plants’ primary chemical compounds, or cannabinoids. This compound, along with many other cannabinoids such as THC, CBN, and CBG, holds many health and wellness properties, as the cannabinoid has been found to work beautifully within the human body.

In the 90s, researchers discovered that our bodies contain a complex system of cell signalers called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is in charge of myriad biological functions, from hunger to stress and sleep. Regularly, the body produces something called endocannabinoids that help control these functions. However, sometimes, they could use a little support from cannabinoids found in plants.

CBD is different from medical cannabis, which requires a prescription due to the higher levels of THC. Because our cannabis products have THC levels below the required legal limit of 0.3%, you can’t get high, and you do not need a prescription to enjoy the benefits of CBD products. With this support, the body can better regulate its functions.

Defining CBN

Cannabinol (CBN) is also a health-promoting cannabinoid found in cannabis plants and has a similar molecular structure to the cannabinoid THC. It’s formed as THC degrades which happens when hemp is exposed to light, air, or heat, so aged cannabis often has higher levels of CBN. The concentration of CBN in the hemp plant is very low (at around 0.5%), compared to CBD, which is at about 25% and there are, therefore, very few CBN products on the market because of its scarcity. Importantly, while CBN comes from THC, it has no psychoactive effects.

What Does CBD Do?

Health Effects

CBD will work differently for every person, and every person will use it for a different reason. That’s the beauty of CBD: it works in the ways your body needs it. CBD helps you achieve natural homeostasis – balance.

For many, CBD consumption is excellent for just that added boost of overall support. It can help improve your mindset, spark motivation or creativity, and reduce the physical and mental roadblocks that might be holding you back. In general, cannabidiol’s properties are incredibly widespread and span most parts of the body, including the central nervous system.

Endocannabinoid System Rebalancing

Depending upon what physiological process is off-kilter, your endocannabinoid system will help to rebalance it. When taking CBD regularly, many people describe the effect as, ‘I just feel different, better’.

That’s because CBD is doing all the heavy lifting, helping you achieve your natural balance. But, just as not all medications or supplements work the same for every person, neither does CBD. This means that you cannot expect your experience to be the same as someone else’s. Most CBD users report the best effects with regular, consistent use, integrating CBD into their daily wellness routine.

The only way to find out if it is the right option for you is to try some for yourself. (And that’s what Cannovia CBD is here for!) Among its many benefits is its potential to support sleep processes in the body.

Wellness and Health Benefits of CBD Products

Now that we’ve defined CBD and explained how it works let’s discuss its effects on sleep and other health conditions. The sleep benefits of CBD aren’t a new idea, but it has not been entirely accepted just yet. But, with the amount of evidence that’s accumulating and experiences that unfold, using CBD as a sleep aid will likely become quite commonplace soon.

So, how would someone use the cannabis plant for sleep? There are many reasons why CBD’s properties can support our ability to fall and stay asleep. And thanks to the addition of CBN, GOODNIGHT, blends both the benefits of CBD and CBN. Like CBD, cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid found in cannabis that is also non-psychoactive. When consumed in unison with CBD, the two cannabinoids work in synergy for a restful night.

Everyday Physical Comfort

Pain can prevent you from fully relaxing and, therefore, disturbs your sleep cycle. While some anti-inflammatory pain meds can offer pain relief to help you relax, not everybody wants to rely on a pill for proper sleep!

Without these constant aches and pains, staying asleep also comes more easily. Depending on the strength consumed, CBD combined with CBN supports physical comfort, allowing your body to drift off into a deep sleep.

Improved Mental Calm

Many choose to consume CBD about 30 minutes before heading to sleep to help them prepare for bed. Doing so allows the CBD time to digest and fully work its way throughout the body.

Instead of lying in bed, wishing you could relax and fall into a deep slumber, you can implement healthy before-bed habits, including CBD consumption, so that both your mind and body will be more than prepared to catch some z’s.

Full-Body Relaxation

Combine reduced stress with less discomfort, and you have a recipe for total relaxation. CBD products act indirectly to support your endocannabinoid system so you can modulate your stress response, pain perception, and sleep.

In general, CBD’s been known to produce soothing, calming properties that leave you feeling more balanced as you prepare for sleep.

Finding the Right CBD Products

Trying to find the best CBD oil for sleep can sometimes feel overwhelming and even stressful – which is the exact opposite of what you need. New products are being produced every day in an industry that’s booming more than ever, so how can you decide which CBD oils are suitable for you?

Cannovia’s GOODNIGHT CBD Sleep Oil

Here at Cannovia CBD, we’re dedicated to offering only the highest-quality CBD oil products. Our GOODNIGHT full-spectrum CBD oil is crafted with 700mg CBD and a whopping 300mg CBN, making it the perfect solution for those sleepless nights. At 1000 mg. total cannabinoids, this peppermint-flavored oil supports relaxation and comfort. Using completely natural ingredients and an easy-to-use dropper, Cannovia’s oils are simple and appealing for all types of consumers. Young or old, every person can benefit from these top-notch CBD oils to improve sleep quality.

We always encourage our customers to review our third-party lab-test results for more information. These results precisely demonstrate what we include in our products and everything we ensure isn’t present. Looking at these can give you the ultimate peace of mind that you’re consuming just what you want.

Other Types of CBD Products from Hemp Plants

We understand that not every person will want to consume CBD oil for sleep. Don’t worry! Other CBD products offer a wide variety of applications. From other CBD oils to topicals, to beverage powders, and even Cannovia’s mynd gum, Cannovia is here to provide everything you need to have a better, more fulfilling night of sleep and get the most from your day.

Turning to Cannovia for a Better Night’s Rest

So, what’re you waiting for? If you’ve been struggling to have a good night’s rest and can’t seem to find a solution, check out Cannovia’s GOODNIGHT CBD oil with CBN.

Cannovia is here to support your health and wellness journey. Whether you’re challenged with pains or racing thoughts, we want to help you work through these complications and enjoy a good night’s rest.

After all, every person deserves to comfortably drift off to sleep and enjoy an uninterrupted night of sleep. And when you’re ready to turn things back on, we’ve got you covered. Our WAKE UP CBD oil with CBG is just the pick-me-up you need, without the jitters!

The next time you find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night, head on over to Cannovia’s site and select GOODNIGHT CBD oil with CBN for better sleep. Before you know it, your body and mind will melt into relaxation, providing a night of rejuvenation and comfort. And, by the time you wake up, you’ll be rested and ready to tackle your day.


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