Cannovia CBD - Better Wellness, Naturally
Cannovia CBD - Better Wellness, Naturally

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Experience the Cannovia
CBD Difference.

We’re on a mission to revolutionize healthcare by developing products that give you control over your wellness, naturally. We use science to equalize Mother Nature’s organic goodness to provide unique CBD products that support balance in your life.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Live life, balanced.

For the last four years, we’ve been carefully developing our products using proprietary and unique formulations and blends of CBD, cannabinoids, terpenes and other naturally occurring, active ingredients that maximize CBD’s wellness possibilities for you. We’re so confident we have a product that’s right for you—we have a 30-day, money-back guarantee.


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What is CBD, the Endocannobinoid System and what can it do for me?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring and non-intoxicating chemical compound found in the flowers, leaves and stems of the hemp plant. Its wellness history has been traced back thousands of years and today the healthful properties of CBD to support and maintain daily health and wellness are being tested and confirmed by scientists and physicians worldwide.

A safe, non-addictive substance, CBD is only one of over one hundred cannabinoids, which are unique to cannabis that influence the CB1 and CB2 receptors of your body’s largest neurotransmitter network — The Endocannabinoid System. It’s a balancing system for your body and is involved in an array of physiological processes that include appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory.

Cannovia customers using our hemp-derived CBD products as part of their daily routine report achieving the desired support for their wellness that they'd anticipated from CBD.

Recent science would suggest that this is because our body’s endocannabinoid system positively responds to CBD. CBD does not bind directly to either of these receptors but instead impacts them indirectly. These indirect actions include activating TRPV1 receptors that work to control important functions like pain perception, body temperature and inflammation. CBD can also increase the amount of anandamide in the body. Known as the “bliss molecule,” anandamide plays a role in the neural generation of pleasure and motivation. 1 By stimulating the endocannabinoid system, CBD promotes homeostasis—and we all know how important balance is to our well-being. Source

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Take control of your wellness, naturally.

We control everything from seed selection to the product landing on your doorstep. We partner with the most trusted, third-party labs so you can be assured you’re getting the pure, consistent, quality CBD you’re looking for to support your natural wellness.


Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying.

Cannovia has changed my CBD experience. The products are highly effective. I have treated my migraines and sleeplessness and am pleased with the results. 

Kelley C.

So far so good, I had to finish up another one before trying this one. The last one was terrible, I had to take like 5-8 doses a day to feel it helping. I've tried other brands I did enjoy for the benefits, but they were super pricey. So I have to say, for the price and results, I'm happy! I've been on it for about a week now and I'm really enjoying it. I do 3 doses a day and find it helps with a lot of my back pain. I also have intense anxiety and this eases my stress by a lot. Love the flavor as well. Will be purchasing again!

Melissa L.

I use the CBD cooling gel on my hands to help free up the tightness and lack of grip strength. I also use it on my knees when they ache and are painful. It has a very pleasant smell and doesn't leave a oily feel.

Renee B.

Started using the full spectrum CBD drops when my anxiety was at a all time high. So glad I did. I feel less anxious and am sleeping better. I split a .25 dose each day. Half dose in the morning half dose before bed. Even though it's a very small amount it's enough to take off the edge. Customer service is great. Always fast shipping and always packaged well.

Renee B.

I’ve been very pleased with this CBD, and even have my mom willing to try it.

K C.

This has helped my headaches so much! So thankful.

Virginia S.

Giving 4 stars only means I haven't used the product long enough to give a full 5 star rating. So far I've loved the calming effect I've gotten from the drops. My anxiety has been running quit high. To start I am using about 4-5 drops twice a day. Looking forward to continued results as I keep using.

Renee B.

I love that I now have a natural option when I need headache relief! Taste is great!

Virginia S.

I am so grateful to have found this. It has lessened the amount of migraines I’ve had significantly!

Noelle S.

I don't have arthritis, but for some reason I do get inflammation and joint pain. Any pain I'd get I would just use a dropper or two for the day and I can get by. So far I love it!

Layla J.

I ordered this CBD to try as I wean off of some other medications. Since taking it 3x a day, I have been falling asleep much easier and staying asleep! This will be a daily supplement for the rest of my life!

Claire H.

I have both the full spectrum and THC free drops. I use the Full during the day to support the body 's chronic illness and find the drops aid me with focus, reduce [disquiet] and ease overall inflammation. It's amazing to have this in my tool kit. I use THC free at night before bed to quiet the mind and guide me into a peaceful slumber!


Love it!! It is just what I needed - I feel alive now instead of just existing!

Carol U.

Impressed with how quickly this works for pain relief. It also helps me sleep well and I don’t wake up feeling groggy.

Jamie D.

My daughter recommended your product to me for my super anxious high points and it has been amazing! I will be a loyal customer.

Samantha G.

Love how quickly and efficiently this product relieves aches and pains. A++

Carmen H.

I love this lemon flavored CBD oil it really helps me with my [disquiet].

Deanna M.

I have enjoyed using Cannovia’s high strength CBD so far! The lemon flavor is nice and not overpowering.

Anna G.

The gel works really fast for my knee pain. Within 10 minutes of applying I’m moving around like a young girl again. Only takes a small amount so I imagine this jar will last for sometime. I’ve been skipping the daily Advil, which makes me and my liver super happy

Miriam G.

I love using this before bed to help me get a more restful nights sleep OR instead of reaching for Advil when I’m having a headache or joint pain.

Kimberlee C.

Use it everyday what a difference!!! Just buy it!!! You won’t be sorry 😁

Sheldon N.

I have been using CBD for about a year or more from a different company. It seemed to work? But their customer service was insane. Towards the end they couldn’t get an order right and trying to get a reply from them took days! That’s when I found cannovia. I had questions about the product and received a reply in minutes. My first bottle came at the most perfect time. I was so anxious and was about to leave for the hospital to have an ultrasound done on my breast on a new lump to rule out cancer. On top of how stressful you can imagine that was it was also the first time having to go anywhere (besides walking in nature or the beach) since coronavirus started. Anyway, I took a little bit and shortly after I felt strangely calm. The worried thoughts were still there but my body was able to chill. Definitely buying again! My only regret was not stock piling them when they offered the 50% off!

Sarah M.

Loving this CBD! It’s the first one I’ve tried and I’ve had great results so far. I take it at night when my chronic back pain is bad and it helps so much. The peppermint flavor is great and very easy to take. Shipping was fast too! I highly recommend this product ??

Kaylen S.

I really appreciate the transparency and purity of this product. It tastes great and I can trust that I’m putting quality ingredients in my body. Thank you Cannovia!

Meg R.

I have been using Cannovia CBD for over a year. The gel gives me almost instant relief. I use the gel for arthritis pain in my, knees, lower spine, hips and most recently at night for my hands and thumb joint pain. The gel is really a pain reliever and has saved me lots of doctor visits for injections.

Suzanne C.

I started taking it to help me sleep. The jury is still out on that one. What made me order more is that it's lowering my blood pressure to the point that I'm no longer taking my, admittedly very low dose, medication. So now, at 62, I'm not on any prescription meds. Yay!

Lora Y.

I tried the sample packet to test before getting a full size. The lotion was my favorite. It eased the pain in my knees, hands and shoulders. It’s the smell of the lotion that wasn’t good but it doesn’t last so I could tolerate it. The gel didn’t do much for me but everyone is different. Although it’s a bit pricey I will probably purchase a jar of the lotion. It’s great for sore muscles after working out.

Miriam G.

This product made a believer out of my super skeptical husband. He was on the verge of an anxiety attack and after taking some of my CBD, he was instantly calmed and a CBD concert. Thank you for helping us through our most stressful times.

Amelia C.

I have tried the lotion and the gel but not the agave powder. When I opened the package after it arrived in the mail, I realized that somehow the lotion packet had been damaged and had leaked out of the packet. There was still a little left in the packet so I used it and felt that it was helpful for my lower back pain. I used the gel packet and also felt that it was helpful.

cindy B.

Sydney R.

Our Purpose

The Cannovia Story.

Although the pathways that each of the founders have taken to arrive at this point are different, there is one common purpose and passion that each of us share. To use our talents, abilities, expertise and experiences to help others achieve better health and wellness.

Our CEO, Brian Baum’s journey into healthcare began with what can only be described as a nightmare. His 8 year old son Trevor, was diagnosed with a very rare, aggressive and life threatening cancer.

During Trevor’s 14-month treatment, Brian and his wife Patti, spent day and night with other terrified parents, struggling to navigate the healthcare industry to ensure they received the best care for their children.

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Co-Founder & Medical Advisor

Dr. Pat Hezmall

Dr. Hezmall is a urologist by training but an entrepreneur and humanitarian by nature. Professionally, Dr. Hezmall, organized one of the largest urology practices in the United States – Urology Associates of North Texas (UANT). Although retired from practice, he continues to maintain an active role in medicine through his participation on review boards associated with numerous clinical studies at prestigious medical institutions such as Stanford Medical School.

Throughout his career, Dr. Hezmall was involved in numerous clinical research projects involving medications, medical devices, and innovative novel surgical treatments.

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Why People Choose Cannovia

The Cannovia CBD Difference.

We’re dedicated to naturally supporting people’s health and wellness.

We harness nature and science to provide alternatives to conventional medicines and remedies.


Our purpose is to help change the way we approach healthcare today. We design natural wellness CBD products to give our customers control over their health with chemical and pharmaceutical-free alternatives.


Our CBD products are proprietarily formulated and combine the right mix of cannabinoids, terpenes and other active ingredients to achieve a consistent potency that delivers homeostasis.


We stand behind our products and your satisfaction is our number one goal. That’s why we provide incredibly responsive customer service and a 30-day money back guarantee.


All of our ingredients are derived from natural resources. We do not use potentially harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our CBD products are non-GMO and gluten-free.


We optimally design and formulate our products with the ideal amount of CBD that will trigger the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your endocannabinoid system. No more, no less.


Founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency, we’re thought leaders in the industry dedicated to informing and educating consumers about the benefits and potential risks of CBD.


Like a fine bottle of wine, every batch can differ because of nature’s variability. That’s why we equalize Mother Nature by employing rigorous, scientific processes and methodologies to ensure we deliver consistent CBD products, every time.


In the cradle of the CBD movement, our Colorado-based R&D team has over 4 years of experience developing customer-centric CBD products. We work directly with our customers to study what works—and­­­ what doesn’t.

FDA Compliant

We work diligently to ensure we are in compliance with any restrictions outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill and are cognizant of current and upcoming changes to FDA policy and regulations regarding CBD.

We’ve Got Street Cred

We love when people talk about us.


How old do you have to be to buy CBD Products?

Are CBD products legal?

How long does CBD stay in your system?

Why is CBD so expensive?

How often can I take CBD?

How long is CBD detectable in urine?

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Cannovia Responds to Coronavirus

As we pull together as a country during the Cannovia outbreak, Brian from Cannovia realized how they could help people manage their stress in this difficult time. We know that particularly older adults, newly remote workers, and parents have added stresses. CBD oil is a safe and effective way that people relieve their stress while still being effective at managing complex situations.  

CBD oil is also great for pain, anxiety, and sleep. If you haven’t experienced the benefits of CBD check out some Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us .

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