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This isn’t your normal CBD. This is unrivaled strength, unstoppable relief, functional ingredients and hardcore healing to help reduce inflammation, soothe aches, reduce discomfort, and help you feel awesomer!

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Life can be a real pain in the *you-know-what*. We get it.

Between the daily grind and unexpected twists and turns, your body takes a beating.

Pain can be real sneaky showing up in all kinds of forms. Sometimes it’s localized aches and pains in your muscles and joints, while other times it is more widespread and persistent discomfort throughout your body. 

Regardless of its form, it’s time to kick that unwanted house guest to the curb – and we’ve got just the solutions to help you do it.

With our unique line of CBD products to combat every kind of pain – from head to toe, inside and out – so you can get back to living life on your terms.

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CBD Pain Relief

CBD & Pain Relief

When pain feels like it’s taken over your entire body, you need a heavy-hitter to send it packing.

AHHH! is a botanical powerhouse of full-spectrum CBD oil fortified with our proprietary blend of 19 botanical terpenes that work together to provide powerful, all-over relief.

This natural powerhouse goes straight to the source of your pain and helps you feel better.

When CBD enters your body, it plays nice with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) by binding to specific receptors and telling your body, “Hey, let’s chill out and ease this pain, alright?”

You won’t have to worry about feeling dizzy, sick, or any of the other side effects that come with traditional pain solutions.


For Targeted Relief – 2000mg CBD Relief Foam

Ultra-fast absorption for near-instant relief. Our 2000mg nano-sized CBD particles bypass barriers, delivering targeted comfort precisely where you need it.

Perfect for athletes, those with physically demanding jobs, or anyone who simply needs a little extra TLC for their aching body.

Skin-Soothing Relief

When pain manifests on the skin, turn to our CBD Soothing Lotion for fast, effective relief. Specially formulated for sensitive and inflamed skin irritations.

Our soothing lotion is perfect for localized, skin-related pain relief. It’s the perfect combination for those in need of a gentle yet effective solution for both skin issues and pain management.


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When it comes to tackling pain from all angles, combining our powerful AHHH! PR1 3000mg CBD Oil with our targeted CBD gel or lotion creates an unbeatable strategy. By using AHHH! for widespread relief and our topicals for localized issues, you’ll effectively be able to manage pain from multiple sources, providing you with the deep relief and comfort you need.

This holistic, natural, and efficient approach to handling pain gives you the capacity to enjoy life more, without constantly being in pain. Put your pain in its place and start living life to the fullest.

Pain doesn’t discriminate, it affects everyone, no matter their age or background. It can be anything from a minor nuisance to severe pain that stops you from living your life. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many active ingredients released from the cannabis/hemp plant.

In its raw form, it has a distinct, earthy smell. 

Unlike THC, CBD won’t give you a buzz and won’t alter your mental state.

In fact, one study conducted by Martin De Vita and Stephen Maisto from Syracuse University showed that while cannabinoids weren’t reducing the volume of pain, they were “changing the channel” and making it a little less unpleasant.

It’s known to help with inflammation, regulate the immune system, and even out serotonin levels.

Oh, and the best bit? Compared to other options, CBD’s pure, secure, and no trouble.

Many people also report that CBD oil has improved their joint mobility without having to endure any sedation, which is usually the case with pain relievers.

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to lessen pain and discomfort. It is believed that it does this by activating CB1 and CB2 receptors, which regulate pain levels.

Researchers also think CBD can cut down on pro-inflammatory cytokines, helping with joint pain.

Cytokines activate the body’s inflammatory response, aiding it in fighting off the infection or injury. This reaction causes redness, swelling, and pain in the area of the injury or infection.

They can widen blood vessels, letting in more blood, which then brings more immune cells for a stronger response.

Cytokines give out a sign for other cells to join, and this can sometimes lead to too much inflammation and can damage the surrounding tissue, which can lead to continuous inflammation that prolongs and/or intensifies the discomfort. 

you asked. we answered.

CBD For Pain Relief FAQs

Learn more about CBD and other cannabinoids, the benefits of CBD, how to use CBD products, and more frequently asked questions below!

Studies have found that combining CBD and THC can provide relief from pain, reducing inflammation and discomfort.

CBD oil has been anecdotally reported to provide relief for:

  • Everyday discomforts
  • Joint stiffness
  • Muscle cramps and soreness
  • Quicker recovery

CBD could be beneficial for mild to stinging occasional or everyday joint and muscle aches.

CBD can aid those with pain by stopping the body from processing anandamide, a chemical linked to pain regulation. 

Depending on a person’s circumstances and how intense the pain is, different CBD oils can be suggested to help. 

Our potent, versatile AHHH! PR1 3000mg CBD oil enhanced with 19 botanical terpenes and other compounds is the better choice for managing any kind of pain relief.

For pain relief, the frequency of taking CBD oil could be different for each person, just like other medications. 

For some, taking it daily might be helpful, while others might just take it when they need it. 

CBD has many other health benefits, making daily dosing a better option to bring your whole body into balance.

Each person’s best way to take CBD for pain may be different.

If you want targeted relief from localized aches and discomfort – you can go for CBD Gel and lotion.

If you’re dealing with a more general or overarching issue then you can opt for CBD oils and tinctures.

The best approach is mounting a two-front attack against discomfort with pain relieving CBD oil for internal relief and topical gels for fast-acting, targeted relief.

CBD won’t make you intoxicated, but it has anti-inflammatory benefits, whereas high concentrations of THC have pain-relieving benefits and get you high. Combining the two might in a CBD based solution might be more helpful for people looking for relief. 

If you want the benefits of both CBD and other cannabinoids, go for full spectrum products which have a high concentration of CBD and a low, (less than 0.3%) concentration of THC.

Definitely, CBD creams and gels are really good for targeted comfort, relief and easing inflammation. 

The best CBD oil for severe pain may vary depending on the individual’s condition and preference. A transdermal Full Spectrum CBD gel that contains both THC and CBD is the most effective for pain relief. 

Here’s what people have to say about us:

Mary E.
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Love the 15/60 gummies. They’re better than what I’ve been getting at the dispensary. Really settles me down.
James J.
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The 5/20 gummies are perfect. Great taste and helps me relax and fall asleep at night.
Robert A.
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These are delicious. Hard to only eat one!
Patricia D.
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Really glad I came across these gummies. The THC and CBD together works really well for me. I like how it calms my mind and body.
John P.
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5 mg gummy pieces do the trick for me. Such good sleep.
Lucy A.
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Now that I’ve tried it it’s a staple in my routine. Cannot go without it. Currently ordering the next bottle before I run out of the last because I’m lost without its help! Eases restlessness so much
Sheena T.
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I bought this to see if it would help with my nervousness and better sleep. I feel so much calmer taking it and I’ve noticed that I sleep so deep and feel well rested when I wake up.
Kati P.
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I have been using this for about 3 weeks. I have physical discomfort and also deal with a constant racing mind and mood swings. Since using this products my discomfort is gone, I am sleeping more sound, and I feel more balanced and happier during the day. I am so impressed 🙂
Deborah H.
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Great experience with this product. I find that I’m more focused and have more energy yet calm to deal with my tasks at hand. Will definitely purchase again.
Amy S.
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My husband is a fan of melatonin but it has the opposite effect on me, giving me wild dreams and restless sleep. But we both tried Goodnight and are very pleased with the sound night of sleep it gives us.
Anna H.
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I've been using the Goodnight Drops for about a month & I'm very pleased with the results. I fall asleep quickly and more importantly, I am able to go back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night. I would highly recommend this product of you struggle with a good night's sleep.
Beth W.
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The good night drops really help with sleep. I used to take Melatonin, but I no longer need it with these drops. They work much better than Melatonin ever did. I still don't sleep through the night but I do sleep better and longer.
Anna W.
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I have used a couple of other brands of CBD oil previously but I didn't feel like they worked. I decided to give this a try as a last brand and I'm glad I did. It actually works and I feel a calmer and more grounded. Will try the lemon flavor next!