CBD and Alcohol — Can You Mix Them Together?

CBD and alcohol: how it works 

CBD and alcohol 

Let’s start off with the physical effects of this pairing. Many sources believe CBD and alcohol amplify each other’s effects, and indeed, CBD does seem to inhibit the CP450 enzymes responsible for alcohol metabolism. This could allow alcohol to stay in the bloodstream for longer, therefore making you feel the effects for longer, too. That said, we probably don’t have to remind you that it’s always important to stay mindful of how much alcohol you’re consuming, but in this case, you should also be aware that because the effects of each drink may last longer, you’ll want to pace yourself that much more.

Can you mix CBD and alcohol?

Can you mix CBD and alcohol?

CBD-infused mixed drinks tend to make one feel really good. “On CBD, you’re very chill, very lighthearted, mellow. The alcohol will make that more intense,” neurology professor James Giordano tells Vice

“The more you drink, the more CBD you’re taking, you get a potentiated effect that’s greater than the effect of either alone.”

The verdict is still out on exactly how much potentiation—AKA the increase in strength of nerve impulses—you should expect. Some studies have shown an 8-fold increase in THC’s bioavailability when it’s paired with alcohol, but it’s unclear if CBD and alcohol mixes would harness the same type of synergy. 

If you’re new to mixing CBD and alcohol, start slow—you can’t always predict exactly how substances might affect you, even if you’re an experienced CBD user. 

Can you mix CBD and alcohol?

So…can you mix CBD and alcohol?


People have been putting plants and herbs into their alcoholic beverages practically since time began.  Fast forward to now, and mixology connoisseurs are still on a quest to discover the perfect concoctions fusing alcoholic spirits with a host of complementary ingredients, from juices and bitters to herbs and spices. And guess what? Sometimes those mixes pair perfectly with CBD. 

CBD oil and alcohol: a match made in heaven?

If you’re already a fan of CBD oil as a sublingual supplement, there’s no time like the present to get creative and start using your favorite oils as infusions. What might you infuse CBD oil into, exactly? We can’t think of a better vehicle than your favorite cocktail.  

If you need some help getting started, don’t worry—we’ve got some ideas. 

Did you know that small amounts of alcohol may have a slightly antioxidant effect?

It’s true. Your body produces its own ethanol naturally, and adding just a little bit more ethanol into the mix may enhance certain processes. [5] Keywords being “just a little bit.” 

Combining CBD and alcohol might make moderation easier. Both substances may promote relaxation, after all! If you want to combine the two, mixed drinks are probably your best bet. For example, 10-20 milligrams of CBD, a shot of liquor, and a seltzer base might be a winning combo. Just remember to coordinate the taste of your CBD oil with everything else you add-in. 

CBD oil and alcohol: reduced addiction? 

Not much is known about the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol. However, promising research shows that CBD may protect against some of alcohol’s negative effects. Here are a few ways CBD may impact the effects of alcohol.

May prevent cell damage and disease

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause damage to cells, increasing the risk of inflammation and chronic diseases such as pancreatitis, liver disease, and certain types of cancer (10)

Several animal studies have observed that CBD may protect against cell damage caused by alcohol consumption.

For example, one study in rats showed that applying CBD gel to the skin decreased brain-cell damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption by up to 49% (11)

Another study concluded that injecting mice with CBD helped protect against alcohol-induced fatty liver disease by increasing autophagy, a process that promotes the turnover of new cells and leads to tissue regeneration (12)

One study has shown that CBD-rich cannabis extracts can cause liver toxicity in mice. However, some of the mice in that study had been gavaged, or force-fed, with extremely large amounts of the cannabis extract (13).

It’s unclear whether CBD has any of these same effects in humans. More studies are needed to know whether CBD can prevent alcohol-induced cell damage in humans.

May reduce blood alcohol levels

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is a measure of the amount of alcohol in your blood. A higher BAC generally correlates with a greater loss of motor control and cognitive function (14)

There is little research on CBD’s effects on blood alcohol levels. However, one study in 10 people found that when participants took 200 mg of CBD with alcohol, they had significantly lower blood alcohol levels than when they consumed alcohol with a placebo (9)

Keep in mind that this study was conducted in the 1970s and used a very large dose of CBD — nearly 5–10 times higher than what is recommended for most people. So it’s unclear whether normal doses of CBD would have this effect.

Additionally, other studies have noted conflicting findings. Several animal studies have reported that CBD did not reduce blood alcohol concentration when it was given to animals alongside alcohol (15)

Therefore, more research is needed to determine how CBD may affect blood alcohol levels in humans.

May be therapeutic for alcohol addiction

Some researchers believe that CBD could help treat alcohol use disorder.

This is because some animal studies have shown that CBD can help reduce several symptoms of addiction and withdrawal (17)

One recent study looked at the effects of CBD in alcohol-addicted rats. It found that CBD helped reduce alcohol intake, prevented relapse, and decreased motivation to consume alcohol (15)

Research in humans is limited. Nevertheless, one study in 24 smokers found that using a CBD inhaler for one week reduced cigarette use by 40%. These results suggest CBD could help curb addictive behaviors (19)

More high-quality studies are needed to determine whether CBD may help with alcohol addiction in humans.

CBD oil and alcohol recipes

CBD oil and alcohol

Here’s one mixed drink idea:



  • Rum
  • Lime juice 
  • Coconut syrup 
  • Sparkling water
  • Mint (optional)
  • CBD oil

How to make it:

  • Combine lime and syrup in a glass
  • Add in mint and mix 
  • Add a dropper of CBD oil
  • Fill glass with ice
  • Pour in rum
  • Fill to the top with sparkling water

Ready to give CBD mixology a go yourself? Start with the basics by leveling up your favorite classic cocktail with the power of CBD. Here are two favorite, ‘mocktails’, if you choose, you can simply add your prefered alcohol to the mix! 

For these Virgin Berry Margaritas you will need:

26052021 CBD Virgin Berry Margaritas Engagency 1


  • 1 tbsp Coconut Sugar (+1 tbsp for glasses)
  • Juice of 1 Lime (+ extra for garnish) 
  • 2 cups Frozen Berries of your choice
  • 2 tbsp Maple Syrup
  • 2 cups Sparkling Water 
  • 2 Dropperfuls Cannovia Lemon CBD Oil
  • ⁣⁣10 Ice Cubes

Add Tequila if you prefer an alcoholic cocktail.

Berries are fruits that you should try and consume daily! Not only are they full of fiber, they also contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help promote healthy, young-looking skin ?

This recipe makes enough for 3 mocktails, so grab a couple of friends and settle in!⠀For these Pina Coladas, blend:

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  • 2 cups pineapple juice⠀
  • ¾ cup coconut cream⠀
  • 2 cups ice⠀
  • 2 dropperfuls Cannovia CBD oil

Add Rum for a tropical alcoholic cocktail.

Not only will this cocktail recipe have you feeling island happy, you’ll be benefiting from all the  vitamins and antioxidants included in pineapple to support your immune system and aid digestion. 

Mixing CBD and alcohol — responsibly!

mixing CBD and alcohol

When it comes to mixing CBD and alcohol, moderation is key. 

And when it comes to CBD, consistency is key. We hope the above drinks gave you some ideas. Feel free to further experiment until you find what works best for you!

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What Happens If You Mix CBD and Alcohol?

CBD and alcohol may amplify each other’s effects, and taking both together in high doses may cause sleepiness and sedation. And also the balancing effects of CBD could limit the impact of alcohol.

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited to persons under the age of 21. The use of CBD is also limited by the laws of some states.

Should you take CBD and alcohol together?

People have been putting plants and herbs into their alcoholic beverages practically since time began. Fast forward to now, and mixology connoisseurs are still on a quest to discover the perfect concoctions fusing alcoholic spirits with a host of complementary ingredients, from juices and bitters to herbs and spices. And guess what? Sometimes those mixes pair perfectly with CBD.

Can CBD and alcohol reduce hangover symptoms?

Some research shows that CBD helps repair damaged cells in the human body. But there is no proven evidence that taking CBD and alcohol can reduce hangover symptoms.

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