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CBD for Energy

We are proud to offer some of the best 100% CBD for Energy products. Our products at Cannovia are carefully crafted to offer you an uplifting experience and to ensure you get optimal results when it comes to improving your overall wellness. What's on the label is what's in the bottle!

Understanding CBD’s Effect on Energy

CBD is a plant-derived chemical compound that is exceptionally versatile many of us have now heard of. People choose to consume the cannabinoid for so many different reasons, each one unique to the person themselves. While there are many benefits that come from consuming cannabidiol, CBD for energy has started gaining traction, and more and more people are curious about how (and if) this works. What’s even more? CBD companies have been combining CBD with other cannabinoids for a unique boost of energy, coffee just can’t compete with.

Short for cannigerol, CBG is another cannabinoid found in hemp that may be a somewhat new idea to the world of cannabinoid benefits, but it is definitely one that’s worth discussing. Today, we’re covering the ins and outs of using CBD oil mixed with other cannabinoids for energy, how it works, and even some of the common misconceptions. Not to mention, we’ll talk about the best CBD for energy boosts, too. Let’s get started!


To help you better understand the concept of using CBD for energy, it’s essential to understand what CBD is and how it differs from other chemical compounds like CBG.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, an abundant cannabinoid found in the hemp plant.. This cannabinoid demonstrates strong health and wellness properties, helping everyday people find relief through plant-based substances. Even though the cannabinoid comes from a plant like cannabis sativa, that doesn’t mean it has any intoxicating effects.. In fact, this is one of the most common misconceptions about CBD. Unlike THC — a psychoactive compound found in cannabis known to produce a high — CBD is non-intoxicating and health and wellness benefits due to its interaction with our body’s natural endocannabinoid system, (ECS). Furthermore. CBD does not directly bind to the receptor but instead activates the ECS by influencing the ability of these receptors to interact with endocannabinoids.

Simply put, CBD cannot get you high. It does not have the chemical ability to. Instead, CBD is valued for its healthful characteristics. Because of this, the hemp derived CBD was legalized in the US through the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.

It is crucial to not confuse cannabidiol and cannabigerol. While the two are both non-psychoactive therapeutic compounds, they’re still quite different in terms of benefits. Here, we’re discussing hemp-derived CBD exclusively because that’s what we use at Cannovia for the best and most natural energy boost.

CBD for Energy - CBD Oil for Energy and Focus | Cannovia CBD

How Can Cannabinoids Found in Cannabis Help with Energy?

Okay, so what’s the relationship between different cannabinoids such as CBD for energy? Again, this is one that’s relatively new to the CBD world, but it is bringing a lot of potential.

Recently, many people are choosing to consume CBD in the morning or during the day for a boost of added energy and support. Of course, CBD itself is not necessarily energizing, but the blend can be pretty stimulating and motivating when paired with the correct cannabinoids and terpenes.

A lot of people have found that the right CBD products can assist with mid-day motivation and productivity. This is likely because of the compound’s holistic abilities to give your body the nourishment it needs. For example, many of us suffer from tiredness or lack of productivity due to lack of sleep. CBD combined with other energizing cannabinoids is something that can easily help with lack of sleep, providing you with a better, more consistent sleep schedule over time. With this, energy levels during the day skyrocket, leaving you to work effectively all day long. Then, when night rolls around, these energy levels lower, and it’s time for some decompression.

The relationship between CBD and metabolism is still being looked into, but some studies have found that the cannabinoid may be able to increase your body’s metabolic activity. Typically, the lower the metabolic activity, the lower the stamina you have. This often results in reduced energy throughout the day. But, if CBD does increase these levels, as studies are beginning to demonstrate, this can directly boost energy and help you craft the motivation you need to get through the day.

Is CBD Effective for Waking You Up?

While consuming CBD for energy can indirectly help boost energy levels, many people also wonder if it can really help wake you up. Fortunately, there is much research to prove that CBD has energizing properties — its characteristics more so indirectly help fuel the body, giving us the energy we need to work through the day. That being said, you may be able to replace your morning coffee with some CBD and hope it provides the same benefits. In fact, a lot of people actually compare its effects to that of a cup of joe!

Furthermore, there is a chance that CBD’s properties, especially when placed alongside some coffee, can keep you going throughout the day, preventing you from crashing or giving up when you still have plenty on your to-do list.

Taking your CBD in the morning is a great choice, and can also safely consume it in the middle of the day when you feel yourself slowing down. This can help provide the positive thinking you need to motivate yourself to finish strong, all while looking forward to that full night’s rest that CBD can also help bring.

Does CBD Make You Jittery?

The short answer is, no. While people have reported energizing effects from CBD, there haven’t been reports of feeling jittery or shaky when consuming CBD. For energy, like you might after too much coffee. Instead, you’re able to get the full effects of a productive, energized day without any jittery reactions.

On the flip side, keep in mind that there are some CBDproducts out there (like Cannovia’s Goodnight CBD oil) that are explicitly designed for bedtime and shouldn’t be consumed in the morning. These products contain CBD, other key cannabinoids, and terpenes that create a more sedative, soothing blend than those in energizing oils. So, while using some CBD for energy products can help bring a boost to your busy days, this isn’t the case for all of them!

If you’re purchasing a CBD product, always take the time to research the other components in the blend. This will give you the best insight into whether or not your CBD oil will make you sleepy or help provide the energy you need. Again, there are CBD products that do both, so it is more than worthwhile to do some digging and find which product is right for you. Here at Cannovia, we have created our Wake Up CBD product that you may use practically every time of day, giving you support whenever you need it most.

Enjoying Your Days with CBD

The best thing about consuming CBD oil for energy is the fact that you can do it in practically any way you want to. If you’re enjoying your CBD for energy in the morning, you have a few options on how to do so. For quick, potent results, it is best to place a few drops of oil under your tongue and hold it there for about 30 seconds before swallowing. Doing this allows the cannabidiol to absorb under your tongue, working its way throughout the bloodstream quicker than through typical digestion. However, digestion is also an acceptable way of enjoying your morning CBD energy oil!

If you don’t want to taste your CBD’s hemp flavors, you don’t have to. With CBD oils, you can easily place your dosage right into your morning coffee, tea, or on your breakfast. Then, consume your food or beverage as usual, and you’re getting your regular dose of CBD, as well. Only, you don’t have to taste it! Consuming your cannabidiol oil this way will take longer for results to kick in, though, as you must first digest it before it can help with energy.

The Best CBD to Boost Energy

Out of all the CBD oils on the market, Cannovia’s Wake Up Oil is the best CBD oil for energy yet. Cannovia CBD crafts this high-end CBD oil specifically with energy boosts in mind to create a therapeutic, energizing blend that every person can benefit from. This THC-free oil boasts flavors of peppermint in the mouth, making it super pleasant to consume.

Cannovia uses only natural ingredients to create our CBD energy product — the Wake Up Oil—giving you reassurance and confidence in your products. The best part? It’s THC-Free. A product made without any trace of THC enhances effects that work together to heighten the body’s response to CBD — what’s even better, Cannovia provides CBN for sleep products that may be able to help you wind down after a long, productive day.

To check out everything we include and what we ensure is left behind, you can always analyze our third-party lab-test results. These test results demonstrate just how pure and quality Cannovia’s CBD for energy and CBN for sleep products genuinely are. In a time where the industry is so saturated with inferior CBD for energy products and unsafe extraction methods, brands like Cannovia are quite literally a breath of fresh (energized) air.

Feeling Great With Cannovia

Waking up feeling energized and motivated has never been easier than through Cannovia. We understand that, especially during a time like this, having the energy to get through the days isn’t always easy. Luckily, that’s why we’re here to help you out. Our all-natural products are designed to help and support you, giving you the strength you need to feel your best and power through the day. Even during the days where you struggle the most, our products are here to help your emotions feel so much more manageable.

So, whether you need the best CBD for energy, CBN for sleep, or something in between, Cannovia CBD Wake Up oil has you covered. Check out our high-quality selection of products and find the ones that stand out to you the most. Then, you’ll be on your way to happier, healthier days. Start shopping for your perfect CBD product today!


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Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying.

This product helps me quickly fall back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night to care for a family member.

Jennifer L.

I’ve used these CBD products everyday for a couple of months, but honestly I can’t say it’s made a huge difference in how I feel. However, I recently had surgery and the healing process has been surprisingly mild, better than expected (even the post op nurse commented on how well I was doing). Maybe this CBD oil has made a difference by helping my body heal from the surgery. Either way, sometimes it’s difficult to recognize when a product is working if it slowly builds up over time, so it may be helping me in ways I haven’t yet recognized. I’ll continue to purchase.

Kellie K.

This CBD is by far the best at helping relax my mind and keep me settled while I sleep. I’ve been using this brand for almost a year now and have experimented with lots of other brands. This one is by far the most effective and the taste is very enjoyable! I tried Cannovia sleep, but that actually made me feel very groggy the next day. I highly recommend this to people needing that calm or relaxation anytime of the day or specifically to help with sleep.

Clara J.

I was genuinely surprised. Was honestly expecting snake oil effect. I’ll keep tracking to see if I can get closer to 8 full hours of sleep.

Nichole N.

As a parent and teacher, I need all the extra calm and patience I can get! Cannovia helps me stay level headed and not overwhelmed by stress. Highly recommend this product!

Gina S.

Love that this is so thoughtfully made. Will be buying more in the future for sure.

Moriah C.

This gel does not have a chemical smell & actually takes away the stiffness in my joints.

Sue M.

Fast shipping, and the taste is great . It really helps with my [joint discomfort].

Niharendu M.

Helps me with stress and [disquiet]- I like the taste as well

Carmen G.

Helps me get my day going without side effects

Christina L.

A must have at all times. I use it for daily wellness but take extra when I have aches and pains.

Christina L.

Always helps me fall asleep easily without any side effects

Christina L.

I am a caregiver for a family member and often have nights where I am up multiple times in the night in stressful situations. This CBD helps me go back to sleep on the rough nights.

Jennifer L.

First of all….I’m a very satisfied customer! I’ve been using the sleep drops and consistently get 7-8 hrs a night, without waking up! Yeah!! Plus, no sluggish “leftover” feeling that sleeping pills or Advil PM leave you. Thank you!!!!!!! Today I shared the website with two other women who are struggling with sleep issues

Judy H.

Before I bought “Good Night” I took CBD Full Spectrum at bedtime. I now take Good Night at bedtime and take CBD Oil Full Spectrum in the morning. I am sleeping better and feel better during the day. It’s the perfect combo.


it usually takes me 1-2 hours before being able to fall asleep at night due to stress. i’ve been searching for something that would help calm my racing mind at the end of the day to help me fall asleep and this tincture has worked absolute wonders. cannot be without this!

Jazzmin W.

Great Product! Ilove it!


Helped with knee pain. I climb a lot of stairs. There was sharp pain in my left knee especially. I applied the lotion for a few days and noticed considerably less pain.

Al E.

Loving this product… needed to feel a little less stressed and cannovia was a huge help!

Frank G.

I’ve tried many other CBD products and this by far is my favorite!!

Meghan C.

Does exactly what I bought it for. Will buy again

Codi B.

So far great product.

Ryan K.

My husband needs a rub down with Cannovia 750mg each and every night. We've tried therapies such as Tiger Balm and Capsicum and now CBD's and this is the best of the best. The muscle and pain relief is quick and long lasting at an affordable price point. Thanks Goodness for Cannovia.


I started taking this CBD in 10/21. I love it! I take it every night before bed time. It helps me to relax and sleep. I’ve also noticed pain in my knees are gone.

Fredare A.

It helps relieve pain. Especially in my legs. I do have fibromyalgia but it won’t stop all my pain But worth purchasing for what it does do for me

Brenda R.

Easy to use in hot beverages, subtle sweet flavor, my favorite thing to mix in my matcha latte!

Anna N.

I’m in my early 60’s and for the first time in years have been falling asleep and staying asleep. Truly wonderful!!! Also has helped with [disquiet]. Thank you!!!

Carol C.

Referred here by @alittlelesstoxic - INCREDIBLE product. Sooo many CBD vendors out there selling CBD that is NOT as pure / good. This CBD is hands down the best, after doing lots of research. And I notice a difference when I use it compared to other brands! Really helps with mine and my husband’s [disquiet] and sleeplessness.

Augusta D.

This product helps me with . . . pain in my hips at night and allows me to sleep through the night. It also helps with my [disquiet]! My husband has back pain and . . . , helps him sleep as well.


Cannovia has changed my CBD experience. The products are highly effective. I have treated my [headaches] and sleeplessness and am pleased with the results.

Kelley C.


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CBD for Energy - CBD Oil for Energy and Focus | Cannovia CBD

Cannovia Responds to Coronavirus

As we pull together as a country during the Cannovia outbreak, Brian from Cannovia realized how they could help people manage their stress in this difficult time. We know that particularly older adults, newly remote workers, and parents have added stresses. CBD oil is a safe and effective way that people relieve their stress while still being effective at managing complex situations.  

CBD oil is also great for pain, anxiety, and sleep. If you haven’t experienced the benefits of CBD check out some Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us .

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