Our Story

Courage, Hope, & Determination

The Cannovia story is of a family’s courage, hope and determination.

Facing the Unthinkable: A Family’s Battle with Cancer and the Birth of a Mission

The Cannovia story is about a family’s courage, hope, and determination.

A family who faced what can only be described as a parent’s worst nightmare.

The story began with a life-threatening health condition that turned into a mission.

Young imageOur founder Brian and his wife Patti’s 8-year-old son Trevor was diagnosed with a very rare, aggressive, and life-threatening cancer. 

Imagine enduring endless hospital visits, unexpected hospital stays, and even holidays spent in the hospital, feeling hopeless. This is what Brian and Patti went through for 14 months.

During Trevor’s treatment, they saw how the healthcare industry was often confusing, impersonal, and far less automated than they assumed. Going from department to department in the same hospital, few if any records were shared. Leading to a need to continuously repeat the same information in the same health records.

This inefficiency, with a strong potential for medical errors, started Brian’s mission to automate health record sharing.

Initially, Brian collaborated with Duke University and Medical Center, and testified before a congressional committee and led to the formation of vitaTrackr. A company with the objective of giving people control over the sharing of their personal health records.

From Information Infrastructure to Healing Naturally: The Cannovia Journey

After years of working with many healthcare companies on the information infrastructure of healthcare, Brian refocused his attention on the human side of healthcare, helping individuals live their best life.

He wanted to find a complimentary way to heal and thrive. A natural way.

That’s when he discovered the power of CBD, a natural compound derived from hemp that has many health benefits.

CBD presented the opportunity to help people at a personal level, and also create an opportunity to work alongside his now adult son, and cancer survivor Trevor.Older Trevor

Together, father and son are co-founders of Cannovia.

A brand that combines science and nature to create products that are safe, effective, and affordable.

A brand that cares about its customers and their wellbeing.

More than a brand: The People Behind Cannovia and Your Place in our Family

But what sets Cannovia apart isn’t just our products, it’s our people. Brian, Patti, and Trevor, alongside a team of experts, are all dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives.

Along with other co-founders Dr. Pat Hezmall, Joel Warneke, and Greg Fehnrenbach, to CBD expert and product developer John Emery, Tom Walsh, a hemp farming expert, and everyone at Cannovia are committed to your wellbeing.

It is this passion that continues to fuel Cannovia’s commitment to helping people achieve a healthier and more balanced life.

Cannovia is more than a brand. We’re a family.

A family that includes Brian, Patti, Trevor, and you.

You are part of our story. You are a part of our mission to help everyone live life to its fullest.

And we want you to be part of our community.

Join us today and experience the Cannovia difference.