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Cannovia Announces “Share Your CBD Story” Contest

By Brian Baum December 30, 2019 Wellness

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Longmont, Colorado, December 30, 2019 — Cannovia, a leader in the CBD industry today announced the launch of its first annual Cannovia “Share Your CBD Story” contest.

In announcing the contest, Cannovia CEO Brian Baum said, “with the legalization of hemp farming last year, CBD has taken the wellness market by storm. People across the country are talking about CBD or, in many cases trying to understand what it is and does.”

Baum added, it is unfortunate for those seeking knowledge that many find themselves overwhelmed and downright confused by the copious amounts of CBD information ‘out there’.  Understanding is often further hindered with inaccurate facts and exaggerated claims.

The Cannovia “Share Your CBD Story’ contest aims to have those using CBD share their experience. A recent Gallup survey reports that 1 in 7 US adults are already using a CBD product in some way.”  At this time of year when many are assessing the New Year, we thought it was ideal timing to have CBD consumers share so others can learn. At Cannovia we believe there is no better teacher than truth from those with personal, real-life experience, said Baum.

The contest is open to any adult over 18. There are two ways to participate and everyone “wins”:

No purchase is necessary to participate in the contest or to win.

Anyone interested in participating in the Cannovia “Share Your CBD Story” contest should go to share your CBD story .  The contest will run from December 30, 2019 to January 20, 2020. Winners will be announced on January 21, 2020.

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