Cannovia’s high-altitude Colorado farming, quality control process and investment in third-party testing ensure our products are the best — from seed to shelf.


Cannovia uses multiple labs to conduct third-party testing of hemp, extracts, and all other ingredients. After production, third-party labs test our final product to insure cannabinoid levels meet specifications and that no toxins or pathogens are present.


Hemp quality is improved with controlled harvest dates and working with ideal climatic conditions such as low humidity. Cannovia is continually developing new best practices throughout all hemp harvesting processes for better hemp and end products.


We place freshly harvested hemp directly into sterile bulk sacks and minimize handling of the hemp to reduce potential exposure to contaminants. We use written and computerized Standard Operating Procedures to ensure best production practices.


Choice strains, seeds and seedlings are carefully considered to ensure the best quality extracts are produced. We analyze and determine the best cannabinoid profiles, yield efficiency and harvest schedules. We are proud to use only American-sourced seeds and farming supplies.


Our high-altitude farming greatly reduces pest problems and consequently we do not need to resort to chemical pesticides. Another advantage of high-altitude farming is fewer problems often associated with humidity — we rarely, if ever, see mold or mites in our crops.


We perform our extractions using non-toxic solvents. We utilize state-of-the-art CO2 extraction, steam extraction and organic ethanol extraction. We take great care to produce excellent results without resorting to potentially harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides.