Meet Our Leadership Team

Cannovia is the result of representatives of three distinct entities coming together:


Brian Baum—Optimizing the commercial opportunities and revenues of CBD-infused products

EPK Products—Colorado-based hemp growers and extractors of CBD isolate and full spectrum oil, and manufacturers of white label products

Matter Creative Group—Founders Joel Warneke and Greg Fehrenbach; experts in branding and design for consumer and B2B companies

CBD Cannovia CEO Brian Baum

Brian J. Baum

President & CEO

Brian works across all areas of Cannovia on corporate strategy and development. He leads the business of Cannovia, manages business relationships/partnerships and coordinates the team efforts to capitalize on the CBD opportunity.

Brian brings a background in healthcare, most recently the founder/CEO of vitaTrackr. In prior work as the President of Stayhealthy, President of US Preventive Medicine, founder/CEO of the Health Record Network in collaboration with Duke University and Medical Center and Chief Marketing Officer of Ernst & Young’s Health practice, Brian has always enjoyed working with people to create value.

CBD Cannovia Medical Advisor Dr. H. Pat Hezmall

H. Pat Hezmall, MD

Medical Advisor

Dr. Howard Patterson Hezmall has a very unique skill set with his clinical background and broad business experience to assist Cannovia LLC with operations, expansion and adoption into the health and wellness industry.

Dr. Hezmall completed his urology residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston and also served the National Health Service Corps as a Lt. Junior Assistant Surgeon. After three years, he felt it was time to start his own practice in Arlington, Texas. In partnership with Dr. John House, Dr. Hezmall founded Urology Associates of North Texas (UANT) which grew to be one of the largest urologic practices in the country.

Additionally, Dr. Hezmall was a founding member of USMD Inc., a physician-led, integrated health system committed to exemplary patient care. He has always been interested in organized medicine and has served on various committees in the Tarrant County Medical Association (Texas) including past secretary/treasurer, Vice-President, President-elect and is a delegate to the Texas Medical Association. He has been active in the Texas Medical Association since his residency serving as a delegate, committee member and council member.

He has served in the political arena as district chairman on the Texas Medical Political Action Committee Board of Directors. Recently, he served on a Blue Ribbon Committee for the Tarrant County Commissioner’s Court charged with developing recommendations to the Court regarding healthcare expenditures in the county over the next two decades.

With 27 years of experience in clinical practice and broad business and management, Dr. Hezmall offers a distinct skill set to Cannovia LLC.

CBD Cannovia Chairman of the Brands Joel Warneke

Joel Warneke

Chairman of the Brands

Joel leads the Cannovia team in creating the identity of Cannovia, its sub-brands and affiliated brands. A core mission of Cannovia is to bring CBD into the mainstream market. That means getting beyond the stereotypical image of anything cannabis related. In part, Cannovia will address this by developing brands that clearly communicate value, accessibility and impact.

Joel brings a wealth of experience in brand creation, development and activation. As a co-founder of Matter Creative Group, Joel has worked with consumer product companies like P&G, Mentos and Titleist and business-to-business companies like Stryker and Cintas. His work has been recognized by the Addy Awards, Graphis and is featured in the book “Design Alliance: Uniting Print and Web Design”.

CBD Cannovia Product Guru John Emery

John Emery

Product Guru

John leads Cannovia’s product efforts. From developing new formulations, to overseeing quality control, sourcing non-CBD ingredients, manufacturing and overall operations, John insures “the trains run on time”. John has a passion for quality and maintains a strict focus on bringing the best products to market.

John has extensive experience in multiple hemp related disciplines. John designed and developed a state-of-the-art high-powered LED lighting system, a cost-efficient CO2 extraction system and a state-of-the-art all-season greenhouse system called “Temple Garden”.

John brings his lifelong experience in industrial innovation and solution methods to the industrial hemp and cannabis industries. He is dedicated to maximizing the positive impact of hemp infused products on health and wellness.

CBD Cannovia Corporate Facilitator Trevor Baum

Trevor Baum

Corporate Facilitator

Trevor works across all areas of Cannovia to support the mission and work of the company. From addressing IT issues, to managing inventory, distribution and supporting customers, Trevor facilitates internal and external stakeholder interactions. As Cannovia products enter the market, Trevor interacts directly with customers and works with distributors to accelerate the availability of Cannovia products.

Trevor is a graduate of the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. He founded TechKnow Advantage and established TISTA Evolution as a subsidiary of TISTA Technology.

CBD Cannovia Agricultural Emissary Tom Walsh

Tom Walsh

Agricultural Emissary, Cannovia Farms

One of the guiding principals of Cannovia is to insure the quality and consistency of CBD isolate and full spectrum oil. As this new industry emerges with regulations and standards yet to be developed there is a serious risk to consumers that “not all CBD is created equally”. The source of the seeds, the growing conditions, exposure to ground chemicals and metals all pose risks that inferior products will reach consumers and the benefits of pure CBD will not be afforded to all. Cannovia has defined and maintains the highest standards for its CBD. As hemp farming is sweeping the country and many farmers entering the field have limited knowledge and experience in growing hemp, it is to everyone’s benefit in the industry, that only high-quality CBD reaches the consumer. As “Agricultural Emissary” Tom is working within the hemp farming community to sign on other farms to meet the rigors of Cannovia CBD and carry the label Cannovia CBD.

Tom has led research and development efforts in hemp farming including a study to assess growth in controlled environments vs field growth and has led Colorado community based educational sessions on hemp and CBD. Tom was appointed State of Colorado Transportation Commissioner by Colorado Governor Bill Owens and served in that role for six years.

CBD Cannovia Marketing Strategist Greg Fehrenbach

Greg Fehrenbach

Marketing Strategist

Greg leads Cannovia’s market development efforts. A particular challenge, marketing strategy in the world of CBD requires a keen focus on education and communication. As a plethora of CBD products hits an unprepared market, the winners will be the ones that help consumers understand what CBD is, its benefits, how to assess products and even how to consume them.

Greg brings this focus to Cannovia’s full product line — whether using the Cannovia brand directly, or owned brands such as Mynd Gum or affiliated brands like Dazey Hemp, Greg brings his passion for communication, education and demand creation to Cannovia’s marketing strategies.

As a co-founder in Matter Creative Group, Greg brings his expertise in shaping many well-known brands and licensed properties across business-to-business, consumer and healthcare categories.

Cannovia and Dazey Hemp Tonya Watts

Tonya Watts

President, Dazey Hemp™ Skincare; Advisor-Cannovia

Tonya is an award-winning country music singer/songwriter and actress. She is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist and some say “rebel”. She founded Dazey Rock Records, writes all of her own music and among other activities, founded the “B. Love for the Homeless Foundation”.

Tonya first became interested in skincare based on her own needs to address Rosacea. After much research and consultation with others she formulated a line of products which would become Dazey Hemp Skincare. Founded in 2011 Dazey Hemp Skincare has a loyal customer following around the world. Tonya currently oversees every aspect of Dazey Hemp. From making the products to shipping. Cannovia is pleased to be working with Tonya to fully commercialize her CBD infused products by redesigning packaging, bringing in contract manufacturing and working with Tonya’s many friends in country music to bring the benefits of Dazey Hemp to the mass market.