Is CBD Oil legal in Ohio?

The buckeye State: it’s home to roving farmland, lots of football…

…and a booming CBD scene. CBD products of all types have gotten way more popular in Ohio in the last 3 years. But is CBD oil legal in Ohio? It sure is! Keep reading to learn more.

Is CBD oil legal in Ohio? It is…and it has been since 2018! Let’s look at how this happened. 

Way back in 1970, a law called the Federal Controlled Substances Act placed virtually all known psychoactive drugs into a list according to their degree of legality. This Act placed all types of cannabis (including low-THC hemp) into schedule 1 — the most illegal category. This category included substances deemed to be without any medicinal benefits, substances with a high likelihood of addiction/abuse. [1

In other words, CBD and hemp products were illegal from 1970 all the way to 2014. But things took a drastic change for the better in 2018. What happened then? The federal Farm Bill was passed. This bill removed hemp from the DEA’s controlled substance list.  

Ohio and the farm bill

The federal Farm Bill legalized hemp and all hemp-derived cannabinoids, including Delta-9 THC. This bill also stripped the DEA of enforcement powers while simultaneously granting the FDA oversight on CBD-infused food products. 

Acronym soup aside, 2018’s federal Farm Bill created a seismic shift in the CBD industry. All of a sudden hemp-derived CBD products became legal nationwide!


The Farm Bill also provides states with plenty of their own regulatory ability. States are free to add or subtract from the Farm Bill’s provisions as they see fit. Let’s see how Ohio interpreted things. 

Ohio CBD laws

Ohio passed SB 57 in July of 2019. This bill largely just reaffirmed what the federal Farm Bill first stated: hemp’s decriminalization and farming provisions. Ohio’s bill also agreed with the less than 0.3% THC cutoff that the federal farm bill first specified. [2

Other features of SB 57 affirmed CBD’s legality in:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Cosmetics
  • Dietary supplements

On the growing side, Ohio’s hemp laws are also closely regulated. Prospective hemp farmers must be licensed to grow hemp and licensed again to process it. These licenses must be renewed every three years, and they’re not available to those who’ve been convicted of drug-related crimes. All hemp/CBD products are also subject to lab testing. 

However, unlike many other states, you don’t need a license to sell retail CBD products in Ohio. 

Ohio CBD legality: CBD possession 

Ohio state law is also liberal when it comes to CBD possession. Residents can buy, possess, and consume unlimited amounts of CBD products. Once again, these products must contain less than 0.3% THC. Products with more THC than that are covered under the State’s medical cannabis program! 

How to read Ohio CBD labels

Not all Ohio CBD products are created equal. Some CBD products may slip under the testing radar and be entirely legal — yet also be low-quality. 


CBD product label: 

  • The amount, in milligrams, of CBD per serving
  • A supplement fact panel including all ingredients
  • The product’s suggested use
  • The production/batch date
  • The manufacturer’s name
  • The product’s net weight
  • The product’s spectrum

What do we mean by spectrum? Well, there are three primary types of CBD out there:

  1. Full spectrum
  2. Broad spectrum
  3. CBD isolate

Full spectrum CBD contains a full array of hemp’s most active ingredients, including CBD, trace amounts of THC, terpenes, flavonoids, and more. 

Broad spectrum CBD contains most of what full spectrum CBD does, minus the THC. 

CBD isolate contains just CBD as its active ingredient.  With CBD Isolate, those who avoid the other plant compounds due to sensitivities are still provided all the benefits of CBD.

CBD isolate oil is the purest form – it is 100% cannabidiol. While some customers prefer this pure form of CBD, it does not provide what researchers refer to as ‘the entourage effect’. The synergistic effect when all the ingredients in hemp synergize and work together to become far greater than the sum of their parts. [3

Ohioan CBD enthusiasts have all three options available. Like anyone else, they’re free to experiment with various types of CBD and find what works best for them!

What about CBD and alcohol?

 CBD and alcohol can be a fantastic pairing. A growing number of forward-thinking Ohio bars/clubs are now offering CBD-infused mixed drinks. Pairing a peppermint-flavored CBD oil with a Mint Julep or similar drink is a good option for those wanting to include hemp cannabinoid benefits with their cocktail! 

Of course, you can also make your own CBD-infused drinks simply by mixing your favorite CBD oil with your favorite drink. 

What about CBD and marijuana?

Is weed legal in Ohio? That depends. Ohio does have a rapidly-evolving medical cannabis program. This program was once fairly restricted, but it’s expanded to include more and more “qualifying conditions” in recent years:

  • ALS
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Neuropathy
  • Muscle spasms
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Muscle-wasting diseases
  • Medication-resistant pain
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

CBD legality: other details

Here are a few more ins and outs of CBD’s legality, including where it’s most popular, where to find it, and how the State’s hemp farming program is doing.


CBD seems to be most popular in Western Ohio and the State’s biggest cities, though its popularity is growing across the state. 

CBD and hemp farming in Ohio 

Hemp farming is getting big in Ohio. That being said, hemp processing is still a weak link in the state’s CBD supply chain. If you want to get into hemp farming in Ohio, make sure you have processors and buyers lined up first! 

Anyone can sell CBD and/or hemp products in Ohio — as long as they’re over 18. Take note that some municipalities do require licensing for those who want to sell CBD edibles.  

Where to buy CBD in Ohio

In some states major drugstores and other retailers are now selling CBD…but Ohio isn’t yet one of them. Instead you’ll find CBD at health food stores, pharmacies, chiropractors, or even your local doctor’s office. 

And the very best way to buy CBD products in Ohio may actually be location-independent. 

That’s because you can buy CBD oil and other premium products online! The USPS has affirmed that CBD products can be freely sent by mail. Ordering CBD online is simple, discrete, and fully legal. It’s also the best way to access a wide variety of CBD products. 

The best CBD oil in Ohio

Are you ready to try CBD oil for yourself yet? Great! 

Just be sure to do your due diligence before you buy. Make sure the products you’re looking at are transparent about their sourcing ingredients and testing. It’s also a good idea to read some online reviews to see what other customers are saying. 

How to find a local source

In 2021, you can buy food, clothes, and even cars online. So perhaps it’s no surprise that you can also buy online CBD! 

There’s still room for an in-person shopping experience, though. Look for CBD-centric stores with educated employees, or health food stores that have integrated their CBD into a more extensive health matrix.  

Feel free to get creative: you can call stores before visiting to see if they have the CBD product you’re looking for. 

How to find an online CBD source

All that said, let’s move on to how to find premium CBD online. Ordering your online checks all the boxes: it’s convenient, fast, and simple. (And legal, of course!)

If this is the kind of online experience you’d like to have, look no further than Cannovia. Our premium CBD products. We carry a wide variety of CBD products and are backed by a knowledgeable team that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 


CBD was federally legalized through the 2018 Farm Bill, which means it’s legal in all 50 states. Ohio sided with federal law and legalized CBD, too. That means that you can legally buy CBD Products in Ohio.

Yes, as we wrote before all Products that contain CBD and Pure CBD were federally legalized through the 2018 Farm Bill. And you can buy CBD Oil in Ohio.

Only buy from companies that can provide lab reports for their products. Avoid companies making outrageous claims about CBD. You can easily buy legal CBD Ohio at!

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