Is CBD a Risky Investment?

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Is CBD a Risky Investment?

There is lots of buzz about CBD and questions about it’s legality. According to a recent newsletter from Marijuana Moment ( there are currently 712 cannabis-related bills in state houses across the United States.

In reality, it’s the uncertainly of hemp-derived CBD’s legality that creates an incredible investment opportunity today. If CBD had been fully legalized ten years ago, the market would be $22 billion+ a year already (instead of on its way to $22 billion in the next five years).

The CBD Genie is Out of the Bottle

At Cannovia, we believe the consumer demand makes it impossible to put the CBD genie back in the bottle. Unfortunately, there are a number of “bad actors” selling inferior, even unsafe, CBD products at retail and online. Because of this, the FDA is under enormous pressure to define CBD regulations. When that happens, the market will explode.

Another reason there is no going back — farming. With the dramatic drop in demand for tobacco, many farmers need a new cash crop. And that crop is hemp. That’s why politicians like Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) and others have led the push to legalize hemp farming and get it removed from the controlled substance list. If hemp-derived CBD products are not allowed in the market, then there would be a much smaller opportunity for hemp farmers to sell their crops.

About Cannovia

Cannovia is a branding and product company specializing in commercializing federally-legalized cannabis products like CBD. The objective of Cannovia is to capitalize on the CBD opportunity, but to do so in a consumer-friendly manner. Cannovia will: ensure quality and consistency of CBD ingredients by sourcing through Cannovia Farms; create high-quality brands that are reliable and trusted; and incorporate transparent, educational information in all branding and communication strategies.


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