A little bit country and little bit rebel soul, Dazey Hemp is an all-natural skincare products line used to rejuvenate and care for skin naturally

• Dead Sea & Hemp Facial Creme
• Dead Sea Mineral Peel
• Lavender Body Lotion
• Facial Scrub
• CBD Salve

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“Everyone has an insecurity. For me it was always my skin. I’ve tried everything from namesake products and well-known brands, to sketchy over-the-counter powders and homemade violet voodoo, but the small red bumps on my arms and cheeks wouldn’t go away. After years of trying and failing, I was introduced to Dazey Hemp Skincare products. Within a week the redness faded and the bumps smoothed out. The combination of the peel and the cream works wonders! In addition, they smell amazing and have a smooth, creamy feel. I would highly recommend Dazey Hemp.”

—Zippy P., CA

More comments from Dazey Hemp Skincare customers

I have an incurable autoimmune skin rash. The crème and salve alleviates the severe itching, as well as helps to keep the rash in check. My son had very dark red rosacea on his nose that had been medically treated, but the redness remained. His rosacea is now clear from using the Facial Creme!

Shirley C.

I've been using Dazey Hemp Extreme Facial Creme for about 9 months now. I'm in my mid-50s and had noticed rough patches and uneven skin tones on my face. Since I've been using the creme regularly, my skin feels smoother, and the uneven tones have diminished. I've been really pleased with the results. My husband has noticed too — he has often commented that my skin is so nice!

Debbie B.

I had a VERY serious case of poison sumac for which I had been to the doctor multiple times. I was given a prescription strength steroid cream twice, steroid shots, as well as antibiotics, to no avail. The patch of irritation continued to itch horribly. I applied some Facial Crème and it stopped the itching IMMEDIATELY! Within 24 hours the inflamed area had already begun to heal! Although this is actually a facial type crème, I found it is also a healer! I am SO THANKFUL for it!

Kim B.

I have used Dazey Hemp products now for years. The two that I’m sold on without question are the Dazey Hemp Body Lotion and Dazey Hemp Extreme Facial Crème. The Body Lotion keeps my dry skin supple and smooth. The Crème has melted my age spots AND skin tags. At 64, they are my must use daily!

Zarina F.

I have an ongoing Candida rash on my shins. It is unsightly and causes extreme itching. Dazey Hemp Crème and CBD Salve help to keep the rash in check, but more importantly, stops the itching.

John A.

I am on my second jar of Dazey Hemp Facial Crème. I swear by this creme — I love how it makes my skin glow. Thank you so much!

Brittany B.

The complete line of Dazey Hemp products is my only choice for daily skin care. I have used both the Crème and Salve to alleviate the side effects of EDS joint/connective tissue pain, sunburn, acne flare ups, insect bites and even tattoo healing. I also mix the Crème with my cosmetic foundation for a wonderful, hydrated glow…feel the heal!

Michelle A.

I’ve been using the Dazey Hemp cream for well over a year. I LOVE that it is all natural. It’s great for moisturizing my skin yet it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It also helps my makeup to go on more evenly. I think it’s a great product!

Audrea N.

Dazey Hemp is one of the only products I've found that I trust on all areas of my body! I feel nourished and renewed after each use. It’s the way to go for all skin types, but especially for those with sensitive skin! With Dazey Hemp, I don’t worry about absorbing toxic chemicals like with other skin care brands, because Dazey Hemp products are completely crafted from the earth.

Rachel K.

I contracted Lyme Disease two years ago, which caused my entire body to go haywire. All my joints and muscles were affected and ached, especially my knees. There were times when I could hardly walk. I found using Dazey Hemp Creme soothes pain in my knees, hands, back and feet.

Doris G.