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“I had some strange sensations on the left side of my head the Doctor diagnosed as Occipital Neuralgia. She thought maybe this issue was being caused by neck strain from sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours+ each day. She wanted to put me on an oral medication, but I asked her if I could try rubbing the CBD Muscle Gel on it first. She said by all means, give it a try. I rub it on my neck each morning before work and now I don’t notice the sensations at all throughout the day.”

—Denise M.

More comments from Cannovia Therapeutic Products customers

I use Cannovia's Agave CBD beverage powder in my coffee every morning. It has helped me cope with heavy pain I have in my back from childhood horse riding accidents. I've decided to put off surgery because I feel and function much better after using Cannovia CBD products.

Cookie L.

I use Cannovia's full spectrum CBD oil drops to help reduce the ill effects of my Parkinson's disease. The drops have made a big difference in my ability to function at work.

Donald H.

As an industrial bakery owner, my OCD condition can really impact my productivity. The day I discovered and started using Cannovia's Agave CBD powder, my life has changed and my OCD is all but gone.

Lisa C.

After I started taking full spectrum CBD oil drops, my insomnia has been greatly reduced.

Elizabeth H.

I use the CBD Agave powder to help me manage the pain and side effects of my cancer treatments.

Mike C.