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Cannovia Makes “The It List 2019” in Modern Luxury DC

By Brian Baum June 13, 2019 Business, In the News, Wellness

DC Luxury cover
CBD featured in Modern Luxury DC

The CBD Sensation

Cannovia is a newbie, but its hemp-driven CBD products (from muscle gels to a beverage powder) tap into the trend—on that many claim helps with pain, anxiety and epilepsy. The Colorado-based brand’s operations (and CEO Brian Baum) are in Maryland. He favors the agave beverage powder ($80), “For me, the effects include energy, focus and elimination of mild joint pain,” he says. The powder is vegan, and THC- and gluten-free, and can be added to coffee or tea. More products are soon to launch, too.

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Cannovia Responds to Coronavirus

As we pull together as a country during the Cannovia outbreak, Brian from Cannovia realized how they could help people manage their stress in this difficult time. We know that particularly older adults, newly remote workers, and parents have added stresses. CBD oil is a safe and effective way that people relieve their stress while still being effective at managing complex situations.  

CBD oil is also great for pain, anxiety, and sleep. If you haven’t experienced the benefits of CBD check out some Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us .